2015 Update

Another wonderful new year begins!  I'll be teaching Photo 5 at Fresno City College this semester and don't have any France trips planned so far.  If you have an idea, or are wanting to travel with me, just send me an email, and  we'll see if we can work something out.

I've reduced my TV appearance to once monthly, and you can now see my weekly Art Buzz turned into my ArtHop Buzz.  I'll be giving a rundown on all the fabulous events that are happening each first Thursday of the month.

Band-wise, we not only married off Fabi, our bass player, last year, but just as recently as yesterday (010315), our drummer, Johnny, and his girlfriend, Alyssa, had a little baby girl, Scarlett, so even though we're thinking about it, that's about it.  Although later this month (012515) John and I will be playing a few songs at the Elvis show at Fulton 55 with a super large group of wonderful musicians and entertainers.

John and I also host a weekly radio show called the Big Fresno Barn Dance that airs on KFSR 90.7 FM featuring the best of Western Swing and Classic Country along with today's artists who play real country music.  We're on Sundays from 2-4PM PST and it's also streamed online at kfsr.org.

If you want to know how our France trip in the summer went, go to my blog Deux Centimes and read the day to day blow.  Though I'm still working on it.  If you want to travel on your own and drive, take the train, etc., you may find it helpful.

I wish you a year of wonderful things.